Tradition improved

It is widely known that the LA-2A unique character is a result of the applied T4B photocell. In the original TELETRONIX design a electroluminescent panel provided a light source for the photo resistors. This component was very variable in parameters, and this affected the result compression and stereo image of the audio. In IGS Audio we developed a new photocell parallel to the T4BX. By precisely selecting, testing and matching subcomponents used in the assembly of this photocell we have created a product line consisting of nearly identical devices in parameters and sound.

All our optocompressors (ONE LA500 and One Leveling Amplifier) are equipped with the T4Bx photocell. It is, of course, interchangeable with the original Teletronix T4B so you can experiment and perform your own test.

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  1. Time constants
    Attack: 10 ms
    Release: 60 ms for 50% release
    Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
    Used for IGS One Leveling Amplifier, IGS One LA500, Teletronix LA2A, LA3A
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