The Lindell Audio 17X by IGS. Posted: pa┼║dziernika, 31st 2010

The Lindell Audio 17X by IGS.

During some free time we took up a alternative project which was a modern adaptation of the 1176 compressor for the Swedish company Lindell Audio. The circuit of the legendary compressor has been equipped with an input transformer and two alternative, switched output transformers (Sowter / Carnhill). A further feature of the device is the possibility of mixing the signal WET / DRY (parallel compression). Both the audio track and the Sidechain track are equipped with a series of controllable filters, which can creatively influence the sound. New features include: HPF, LPF, Sidechain: 100, 200, 300, 600Hz, Alt Transformer, Meter IN / GR / OUT and COMP MIX. This design uses state-of-the-art components. This device will be available soon at Lindell Audio and distributors. Price - 2000 Euro.