Studio - equipment

Room space:

The total studio area is 240 m2. It consists of two independant dry rooms at 4.2 m in height (drum room, voc room). The control room is 36 m2. The studio also has a resting area with a ping-pong table and overnight accommodation. The free wireless internet is available.


Recording system:

  • Studer 963
  • Cubase 9


IGS Studio primarily specialized in hip-hop, r'n'b, soul productions, now it is an all-around studio capable of recording anything from folk-rock songs through dance grooves to live jazz jams. Multiple microphone options allow us to select the best mic for different vocalists. The studio is also prepared for analog mix and mastering.

The precise acoustic adaptation of the rooms with alternative speaker outputs, plus the experienced hearing of our engineers guarantee the highest quality recording.


All mastering is done in the analog domain. The material should be prepared in a 24bit/44.1kHz "*.wav" file. The average RMS should be about -18dB to -14dB. Responding time: 2 days.