Classic Inductor Equalizer 

Here, we present to you the 573EQ, a progression on the famous classic British style inductor EQ, in a compact 500-series format. 

500 Series in its full glory!

The low end is fat, smooth, fast, and combined with the highpass filter which makes it incredibly tight and clear. Our new device is described by 7 controls whilst the other classical devices have only 6 on the front panel. The mids are utterly precise and are great for both, corrective purposes and musical choices: fix problem resonance, declutter the mid-range, or simply open it up, it always sounds smooth and controlled. The High band is what you dream about when you think of sweet, airy HF EQ. It is switchable across a very well-considered range of frequencies and can really open up your audio, making it feel high-definition and extremely clear.

A pair of these sittings on a mix buss with no EQ adjustments add a great analog mojo to your mix!
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