Studio Revolution with the 825EQ Mastering Equalizer.

Inductors and tubes affect the sound in a beautiful way. They can saturate just like transformers do.

ELMA stepped controls - definitely not your grandpa's EQ.

Dive into a world where audio precision and warmth meet in harmony with the IGS 825EQ Stereo Equalizer. Tailored for studio professionals, this unit is not just an equalizer; it's your partner in crafting recordings that stand out. Housed in a streamlined 3U 19" rack mount, the IGS 825EQ is designed to elevate your studio experience, offering unmatched flexibility and intuitive control over a wide range of sound shaping possibilities.

Elevate your masters with our vintage design.

Mastering Grade Precision: Each step you take with the IGS 825EQ is a step towards perfection. With all stepped controls specifically designed for mastering, you can expect nothing less than the most subtle and impactful sound adjustments. This level of precision ensures that every track you work on reaches its highest potential, with clarity and depth that captures every nuance of the performance.

Match the mood of your project perfectly, from lush vocals to vibrant instruments.

Unmatched Quality: The heart of the IGS 825EQ's unmatched sound quality lies in its all-ELMA switch controls. These premium components guarantee reliability and precision, allowing you to make consistent adjustments that translate directly into superior sound quality. This is the detail that distinguishes professional recordings. Supreme Connectivity: UTM transformer balanced inputs and outputs, paired with three audio transformers per channel, ensure that your signal maintains its integrity through every stage of processing. This top-tier design element secures a pure, uncolored sound that truly represents your artistic vision.

Let the tubes illuminate your music journey!

A New Horizon of Sound

Robust Power Delivery: At its core, the IGS 825EQ boasts a linear power supply that promises a stable and clean energy source for the most delicate components. This ensures a noise-free environment for your audio to thrive in, letting your creativity flow uninterrupted. Tube Warmth: Infuse your recordings with the unmistakable warmth and character of tubes. Each channel of the IGS 825EQ harnesses the sonic beauty of three ECC88 tubes, with the flexibility to swap in 6N23P or 6N1P tubes. This versatility allows you to tailor the sound signature to match the mood of your project perfectly, from lush vocals to vibrant instruments.

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  4. Specification
  1. Basic features
    Q factor Variable (Proportional), 0.3 - 6
    Hard wire bypass No. The signal still goes by transformers and tubes
    Boost/Cut Range +/-6dB or +/-12dB, specified by orders
    All stepped manipulators 24 pole Elma switches
    Input & Output
    Interstage transformers Yes, UTM3525, gapped
    Input Impedance (balanced) XLR, 10k Ohm, UTM2546
    Output Impedance (balanced) XLR, 600 Ohm, UTM3525
    Audio transformers Input & Output: UTM transformers
    Operating Level +4 dBu
    Max output level +26 dBu
    Max output level +22 dBu
    Dynamic Range >112 dB (@ 1kHz, +24 dBu)
    Max. gain 0dB; +/-12dB each band
    Frequency response 10Hz - 50kHz (+/-0.4 dB)
    Distortion (@ 20 Hz - 20 kHz)
    Signal to Noise Ratio 102dB @ +24dBu, 1kHz
    THD+N <0.049% @ +24dBu, 1kHz
    Crosstalk 96 dB @+4dBu, 1kHz
    Voltage 115/230V, 60/50Hz
    Power consumption 45W
    Power supply internal, linear
    Packing box
    Dimensions 70x40x30 cm
    Shipping weight 12 kg
    Tube set 6xECC88 or 6xE88CC or 6x6N23P or 6x6N1P-EV
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