Let’s bring back the punch!

It’s not just the big red knob. Matching components, old architecture, original Motorola transistor, same great sound! Now in your 500 series rack. Switchable impedance and buffered instrument make it an ultimate workhorse for your studio.

Classic transformer microphone preamp amp, pure class A design.


Identical front panels and knobs are not rocket science, the outside is the easiest thing to replicate. The true beauty of NE73 is in the circuit. The unit is operating using 24 volts, with IGS Custom transformers on inputs and outputs, Grayhill switches, and Motorola transistor on the output stage- just like the very first version of the original pre…

Responsible for some of the best records ever!


Operating on 24 volt power, with components identical to the original it’ll bring back the sound of the golden era of record making.

Bring back the sound of the golden era of record making!

Your best mic preamp.

HiZ guitar input

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