V8 Compressor. Posted: marca, 31st 2011

V8 compressor

The compressor is built solely of discrete components. The three stepped circuit is balanced by three transformers each for both channels. Lundahl on input and mid step. Carnhill on output. The element responsible for the compression is the bridge composed of 4 pulse diodes matched by hand, according to carefully developed procedures. The device is constructed as a dual mono with channel link possible. All manipulators stepped, allowing for perfectre peatability. The V8 compressor is also equipped with a HPF Sidechain. This feature allows you to cut the lowest frequency region from compression. An additional switch on the front (+10THR) allowsfor increasing the compressor's threshold by an extra 10dB. This feature is useful when compressing very low signal or for very strong compression. The typical application for IGS V8 is a bus compression. However, due to its nature and the incredible range of tone and colorsettings, use of the V8 compressor is unlimited. It is this compressoron its own that I would want to have on a desert island :)